Est. 2019

This is not just a How To Take Hot Selfies course.
This is a Revolution.

In this master course we fall in love with our physical bodies and our self expression through seeing ourselves as a powerful work of art.

...because how you see you is everything. It touches every lens you experience life through. How you interpret, relate, respond and show up.

This is my flagship course, infusing my 30+ years of photography genius with the art of visual storytelling to create a deep connection with who you be.


Est. 2020

 This is a creative mission to get you creating self art. Whether you have never liked being in photos and the thought of selfies makes you feel nauseous OR you are already comfortable in front of the camera but you struggle with your creativity... this is a mission you will love.

Short, digestible, super fun content, designed to help you hone your own epic self portrait style and feeling comfortable / hot / like a creative genius in front of your lens.

The Creative Mission is the perfect space to explore before diving into Selfie Queens if you arenot ready for a full master course.


Est. 2022

A course for the creative entrepreneurs who want to craft a brand that is unlike any other.
Our brands are a world we build for our clients, customers, community, to step into and experience our work. It is not just picking trendy colours and a cool preset to appear cohesive.

Here we create living breathing branding. 


Est. 2023

 Photographic Legacy is a library filled with all the resources you will need to shift your photo creating from happy snapping to crafting works of art.  

No more shoving your pics into an invisible cloud never to see the light of day again because... meh. Instead we will want to actually print and display our photo art in our homes and on our walls, because they are stunning and beautiful and deeply meaningful. They make you obsessed with your own life.

The Photographic Legacy experience is for my photography enthusiasts + documentarians, the people who want to create photographic art documenting their life, their work, their stories.


Est. 2023

A FREE workshop to show you how to get anyone to take THE photo you want of you, without the frustration and rage.

It's really easy when you know my Human Tripod secrets.

This will work for husbands, wives, partners, secret lovers, friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, kids and any random human you meet out in the wild that is willing to help you out.


Est. 2023

I have many albums where it looked my husbandino was on a fun travel adventure solo... because I was the one documenting it all.

In this masterclass I'll show you how to easily document your travel adventures with creative and meaningful photographs you would be proud to hang on your walls - with you behind AND in front of your camera.

I will share the techniques I personally use, how I get my family to happily participate and how to create high quality, travel influencer level photos that are less about taking the same typical tourist photos as everyone else, and more about how to document your core memories in forever loved photographs. 


Paula Ivy Presets
Paula Ivy Presets
Paula Ivy Presets
Paula Ivy Presets