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HOW TO Document Your Travels With Epic Photos That Also Includes You

Are you the one who usually takes the photos while you're out galavanting around?

Do you end up with a series of photos from your adventures where it showcases your partner / kiddos / family / friends having a great time while it appears that you were not there at all?

Or when you are travelling solo, do you end up with nothing but landscape photos with a few awkward hand held selfies?


I know what it’s like to look at your photos from an epic travel adventure, only to see everyone else documented in that experience but you. I have many albums where it looked my husbandino was out on a fun day trip or travelling a new country solo...
because I was the one documenting it all.

Until I started to dive into the world of creating self portraits.


2019 - 2020 we travelled Australia 🦘 full time, in a caravan, the Big Lap - all the way around.
 I don’t know the exact number of photos we have but it’s fair to say I documented the shiz out of our adventures.

I am so beyond grateful that before we did this crazy, wild, once in a lifetime experience, I already knew how to create self portraits that I loved, that my family enjoyed being a part of too AND that captured the memories we wanted to remember.


In this masterclass I'll show you how to easily document your travel adventures with creative and meaningful photographs you would be proud to hang on your walls - with you both behind AND in front of your camera.

I will share the specific techniques I use, how I get my family to happily participate and how to create high quality, travel influencer level photos that are less about taking the same photo as everyone else and more about how to document your memories.

If this is something you would love to dive into with me,  fill out your details below and I will hook you up!

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