Cultivate creativity. 
See you as a powerful work of art.

If you are an entrepreneur, a creator, an artist, like me - you know that on the internet we have so many people telling us so many things. What we should be doing to grow our businesses and what success looks like. It's really hard to know who is giving us the real tea and who is regurgitating tea they saw someone else serve that got a butt load of attention, just so they can get a butt load too.

When I started my business many years ago, I knew from studying design how important branding is for a successful business. AND that branding is not simply a trendy colour palette, fun logo and cool photo filters to make everything look polished.

Branding is a whole world you build for your clients, customers and community to step in to experience your work.

Your brand is what will align people with you, to work with you, to pay you. It's how people can feel you are the one for them.

To me, branding gets to be a living breathing experience. AND when we choose to build a personal brand, that brand gets to be unlike-anyone-else's because I know YOU and your work and your artistry is, in fact, unlike anyone else's.

This is my work, my artistry. Helping other creative humans to build worlds for their work that feel like home to them and a refreshing adventure for us.

Through my obsession of photography, I help you to find who you be through creating self art. How you see you, is the lens you see the world through. Creating a brand and business you feel passionate and satisfied with because you're finding inspiration from your Soul (and not on the internet of regurgitated tea) has a magnetic glow that no one else can imitate.

This is why here, I love to co-create your Brand Artistry with you through two channels.

In the real person photo sessions, VIP days and workshops where we can work closely together to bring your vision to life. I become a chameleon for your brand. This means our time together starts well before you step in front of my camera because it is not about me and my portfolio. It's about you and your unlike-anyone-else life's work.

And online, worldwide. I have my membership, courses and private mentoring filled with hundreds of beautiful humans from all over the globe. This is where I teach my own flavour of self portrait photography I named SELFography, so you can create your own quality brand imagery any day of the week, as well as how to connect with your creative genius to build your brand, sell your work and grow your business.

I want you to be growing a brand you are wildly obsessed with. Let's create your Brand Artistry together.

x P x


A totally made-up word from combining two not-so-made-up
words = SELFies + autobiOGRAPHY.

My definition of SELFography refers to the artistry of self portrait
photography with the intention of cultivating of self love, self celebration
& amplification of who you be.

Your SELFography documents your aliveness.
It is you as the main character in your photographic legacy.


Paula Ivy Presets
Paula Ivy Presets
Paula Ivy Presets
Paula Ivy Presets

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Cultivate creativity. See you as a powerful work of art.