FREE  Live  Workshop

HOW TO help your person to take the photo you actually want without any rage

 🤫 I have a secret.
I can get anyone who takes average to below average photos to create a GREAT photo.

There are things I do when I ask someone else to take a photo of me that sets them up for photographic success.  
I create the environment for a high-five-ing win win moment.
They get the glory of creating an epic image & making another human being super happy… & I get the actual photo I was wanting but needed help to create.  

I know how to make it fun for you both.
Eliminate the frustration & rage when you can’t clearly communicate what you want & they are not the mind reader you wish they were.  

THE HUMAN TRIPOD how to help your person to take the photo you actually want without any rage.  

This will work for husbands, wives, partners, secret lovers, friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, kids and any random human you meet out in the wild that is willing to help you out.

I making this available for FREE because I want to create more peace on earth for us all. You’re welcome 😘  

This will be super handy & full of gold tips.  

Invite your friends, clients, audiences, whoever you know that has complained about the results they get from their ammeter photographer person. And it’s also for them too. No shame no blame - this will genuinely help them to see what you want them to create.  

If you want the details for the live workshop THE HUMAN TRIPOD, drop your details below.
(yes there will be a replay if you cannot make it live)

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