The Art Of Seeing & Capturing The Beauty Of You In Your Story


Innovation, creating something people have never seen before that creates massive impact is born from exercising your creativity.

And your creativity gets to play when you are living in the land of your imagination.
And the key to your imagination opening up, is with just one idea.

One little idea can create a massive wave that reaches all corners of our planet.
Because one idea you allow to play in the land of your imagination starts to flex your creativity muscles.
And  if you allow those muscles to pump iron long enough they can create epic magic that is so big & bold & crazy that it’s kinda hard to believe that it all started from that one little idea.

When you have the feels that you know you are here to be an innovator, a social movement starter, a big ass impacter...
What is your little idea?

What are the things that are asking for your attention but you might be brushing off because you think they are not “big enough” for whatever?

They are seeds waiting to be planted & nurtured.

One of my little ideas I had a few years ago = to get comfortable being in front of the camera
Then I let that idea into my imagination...

What if, I can feel good about being in my photos for my kids so they get to have childhood photos that include me too.
Because I’m their person, I’m a big part of their early memories.

What if...
... I could also to help other mamas do the same.

I didn’t know how that would become a business or even anything that would make a big, worldwide impact.
But I allowed it to run wild. I allowed my imagination to play ‘what if’ & ‘it would be so cool if’ with it.
Then my creativity kicked in & I created experiences inside of courses, mentorships, masterminds & workshops for people to join in too.

And before I knew it I invented SELFography.
The art of documenting your story, with you as the main character.

And now, it gets spoken about & referred to & recommended all over the world because it's not just for Mama's.

It is a beautiful tool for cultivating self love, self celebration & self acceptance.
It is also a powerful tool for self exploration, healing, visioning & embodiment.
And an epic tool for those who are building brands & businesses that are human focused - they are in the business of being who they be. Serving clients from their Soul.

Even though I know it’s far from it being a world famous thing - it’s something that is continuously growing & wouldn’t it be cool if one day it did!

SELFography evolved from one little idea.
Little ideas are what grow into big things.

I know for me, I get caught up in the frustration that I haven’t received my BIG / WORLD CHANGING / MILLION DOLLAR IDEA yet...  But what if, I already have...
What if it just appears to look too simple / small / nonsensical?

You never know where your imagination & creativity can take your little ideas if you never let them meet.  

To look around & dive into your world, as a Mama, a Leader, a Visionary, an Artist, a CEO, an Innovator, a Full Bodied Human BEing.


SELFography30 A Paula Ivy Photography Mission

A mission to SEEing & capturing the beauty of you, in your story. 

If you were to change nothing in your life right now but just elevate your state of BEing, what would that be? 

Let's go on the mission. 

To become intentionally present in your own story & connect to you, to SEE & CAPTURE the beauty in where you are & who you be right now. 

* Active private FB group for community support
* 55 x behind the scenes photo taking training on how I capture my own photos
* 55 x creative prompts + ideas for looking at your life with fresh eyes
* Safe space for you to find your beautiful truth + express you
* Lifetime access plus you are invited to participate in all future live rounds

The SELFography30 Creative Mission is self study with live rounds once or twice a year.

ONLY $155 usd, do you accept this mission?

Paula Ivy

Paula Ivy AKA The Vibey Ivy is an artist, mentor and wild dreams catalyst.

Obsessed with photography since she was a young kiddo, she knows the power of being a documentarian of your own story.

Life is the biggest adventure we go on & it is happening daily. Paula loves how photography helps her to embody & embrace who she be, witness the beauty in everything & grow into her wildest dreams.

She is the Visual + Vibrational Storyteller.

Paula Ivy mentor's The Wild Ones - those with big, wild dreams for their businesses, relationships, wealth & their experiences while on this planet. Creating a business that supports & also is the wild dreams life you see yourself living.

She crafts the life she wants to experience, like travelling full time in a caravan around Australia with her young family, as her business. She believes that what you see in your wildest dreams is the what & the how of your purpose. To feeling fulfilled & satiated with your lifetime, now. You do not need to wait, you get to now.

We are never promised tomorrow, today is a perfect day to run at your wildest dreams with Beauty + Bravery + Being.

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