The DRIVEN Masterclass

Buckle Up, Your Socials Are Going On An Adventure

Course Summary

Hosted by Paula Ivy & Shonah Lee (of The Wild Roads Podcast) This is a virtual road trip to your next level destination - your wildly beautiful big vision for your brand, impact, lifestyle. Along the way we will jump out for some sightseeing & adventures. This is not a formula to fit you into a box or niche. This is how to bask in your own creative genius & turn it all the way up. If you’re ready to pop the top & pump the tunes to take your creator vibes on an adventure, call shotgun & jump in!

Course Curriculum

Paula Ivy

Paula Ivy AKA The Vibey Ivy is an artist, mentor and wild dreams catalyst.

Obsessed with photography since she was a young kiddo, she knows the power of being a documentarian of your own story.

Life is the biggest adventure we go on & it is happening daily. Paula loves how photography helps her to embody & embrace who she be, witness the beauty in everything & grow into her wildest dreams.

She is the Visual + Vibrational Storyteller.

Paula Ivy mentor's The Wild Ones - those with big, wild dreams for their businesses, relationships, wealth & their experiences while on this planet. Creating a business that supports & also is the wild dreams life you see yourself living.

She crafts the life she wants to experience, like travelling full time in a caravan around Australia with her young family, as her business. She believes that what you see in your wildest dreams is the what & the how of your purpose. To feeling fulfilled & satiated with your lifetime, now. You do not need to wait, you get to now.

We are never promised tomorrow, today is a perfect day to run at your wildest dreams with Beauty + Bravery + Being.

Shonah Lee

Shonah Lee is The Self Identity Alchemist, a writer, motivational leader, Life and Biz Mentor.

Her whole life she was searching for something that was missing and dreamed that one day the answer will come, and she will get to have a life that made her truly happy.

After decades of helping others achieve their dreams through designing their lifestyle and their homes to reflect who they are and what they desired... there was just this one thing, she was stuck in her own reality and not chasing her own dreams. Until one day, she found her brave, her conviction and stood at the fork in the road, trusted herself and decided it was time to explore and take her wildness down the wild road and find her truest expression, truest love and her truest self.

And so, after having been on this wild road for some time, Shonah mentors’ women to their own inner freedom, guiding their brave hearts to create a life they love, motivating them to move towards their desires and to open the cage door and fly free, to help others do the same.

There is not only inner peace by finding our truth and taking our loved ones with us on this exploration of self-discovery and next level leadership, but there is so much available to us. Whatever it is that will fulfill our souls and light up our being… we go do that.

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The DRIVEN Masterclass

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