...And instead of reading someone else’s stories we explore & document our own.

Each month we play with a new mission, an ingredient. We step in front of our own cameras / phones and create self art to connect more intimately with who we be.

Creative Soup is where we find our own connection with our inner Creative Genius. Where we create self art that is for our own self research, self exploration and self acceptance.

Every month we gather to share our stories and photos. What we expressed, what we learnt and if we are seeing ourselves differently now.

Creative Soup is where you become the source of your inspiration. You find your unique lens and how you draw in and play with creative ideas.

The purpose is not just creating fun selfies, that's just the cherry on top. The purpose for Creative Soup is to help you find your flavour of creativity, feel into your visual voice and see beauty in your physical body.

CREATIVE SOUP : The SELFography Club

Our club for exploring our creativity & finding our signature style through self portrait photography with monthly creative missions.


Your lens, how you see your world is your filter.

How can we really be our truest, bestest, most powerful selves if we do not see love, wholeness and beauty when we look at our own image?

My method of self portrait photography which I call SELFography is not just about nailing a killer pose and a satisfying composition. It is about exploring yourself as a powerful work of art. How you can start to see you without the distorting filters of expectations and shoulds that have been collected along your years.

SELFography is about creating self art of you and your stories. Your freedom of self expression. Your connection with your most powerful asset...


We all have one. Creative Soup is where we practice following their lead to find a creative style that feels like home. 


Where we will go and who this is for...

Creative Soup : The SELFography Club is for those who value creativity, exploration, experimentation and play.

This is the place for those who do not want to take typical selfies...but desire to create powerful self art.

For those who want to share ideas (either fiction or non fiction) that dive into learning more about yourself as a human being.

And those who want to keep getting better at being human.

Those who love to create for the act of creating because it feeds your soul.

To create for yourself so you better understand yourself and challenge yourself to grow and expand your views and how you see, how you listen, how you feel.

For those who are ready to accept and love their bodies and being.

Creative Soup is a club where we don’t follow the rules or the strategy or the system or the method. We create our own.

Our starting point is SELFography and the ingredient we play with that month.

Your technique, your interpretation, your creation, your POVs, your ideas = your way.

You follow your intuition.

This is a space for learning what our tastes are, uninfluenced by trends, competition, coaches, mentors, directors, teachers, pop culture, the internet, rules others make up.

This is about tasting our way through. If this were a food, would I like the taste? Do I like this flavour? Style? Texture? Shape? Feeling? Sensations? The lingering after taste? Does this really represent a part of who I be in this moment?


This is not just for those with personal brands, although it is an awesome space to create phenomenal content and brand imagery while you get better at photography.

This club is open to all who want to find their creativity and to love being in front of the camera without it feeling awkward or disappointing.

For those who value photography and want to share photos they love with their loved ones, hang them proudly on their walls and actually be in their own photographic legacy.

All you need to be able to participate and get the most our of our club is an open mind and your phone.

If you have a bigger camera or other equipment - amazing. I can definitely help you create quality self art with it, but a phone with a camera is perfect.

In the club I will teach you how to create self portraits, how to create fun effects both in camera and in post editing, how to find poses you love, how to play with lighting, and so much more.

We will have a group coaching call every month where you can join me live, ask me questions, get feedback and learn from others.



MONTHLY PLAN : Creative Soup Club

$55 AUD

per month

  • No min. commitment, cancel anytime

    • SELFography mini course to learn the how to of capturing pro self portraits
    • Monthly Mission to explore & flex your creativity
    • Monthly group coaching + Q&A
    • Private FB community space for support

YEARLY PLAN : Creative Soup Club

$555 AUD

per year

  • No min. commitment, cancel anytime

    • SELFography mini course to learn the how to of capturing pro self portraits
    • Monthly Mission to explore & flex your creativity
    • Monthly group coaching + Q&A
    • Private FB community space for support
    • Pay Yearly and save $105

Paula Ivy

Paula Ivy AKA The Vibey Ivy is an artist, mentor and wild dreams catalyst.

Obsessed with photography since she was a young kiddo, she knows the power of being a documentarian of your own story.

Life is the biggest adventure we go on & it is happening daily. Paula loves how photography helps her to embody & embrace who she be, witness the beauty in everything & grow into her wildest dreams.

She is the Visual + Vibrational Storyteller.

Paula Ivy mentor's The Wild Ones - those with big, wild dreams for their businesses, relationships, wealth & their experiences while on this planet. Creating a business that supports & also is the wild dreams life you see yourself living.

She crafts the life she wants to experience, like travelling full time in a caravan around Australia with her young family, as her business. She believes that what you see in your wildest dreams is the what & the how of your purpose. To feeling fulfilled & satiated with your lifetime, now. You do not need to wait, you get to now.

We are never promised tomorrow, today is a perfect day to run at your wildest dreams with Beauty + Bravery + Being.