Document your experiences, your life's work, who you be with quality photographs that build your photographic legacy.

Let's not fill our phones with millions of mediocre pics that did not capture the actual moment you were connected to.

Or keep filling up cloud storage with so many random photos our kiddos will probably just delete in one motion after we die because it's a energy draining, hoarders mess up in there that no one wants to sort through.

They are not quality stories.
They don't mean anything.
There is no feeling, no energetic pull, no "I need to know what was happening here, let me take a closer look" vibe.

Photographic Legacy is a library for you. All the resources you will need to shift your photo creating from happy snapping to crafting works of art.

No more shoving your pics into an invisible cloud never to see the light of day again because... meh.

Instead we will want to actually print and display our photo art in our homes and on our walls, because they are stunning and beautiful and deeply meaningful.

They make you obsessed with your own life.

Launching Price is open now at $197,
when the content is complete it will go up to the full investment of $297.

The Photographic Legacy experience is lifetime access to the library of resources PLUS a 2 week only interactive and collaborative community space.

This is for my photography enthusiasts + documentarians, the people who want to create photographic art documenting their life, their work, their stories.

Paula Ivy

Paula Ivy AKA The Vibey Ivy is an artist, mentor and wild dreams catalyst.

Obsessed with photography since she was a young kiddo, she knows the power of being a documentarian of your own story.

Life is the biggest adventure we go on & it is happening daily. Paula loves how photography helps her to embody & embrace who she be, witness the beauty in everything & grow into her wildest dreams.

She is the Visual + Vibrational Storyteller.

Paula Ivy mentor's The Wild Ones - those with big, wild dreams for their businesses, relationships, wealth & their experiences while on this planet. Creating a business that supports & also is the wild dreams life you see yourself living.

She crafts the life she wants to experience, like travelling full time in a caravan around Australia with her young family, as her business. She believes that what you see in your wildest dreams is the what & the how of your purpose. To feeling fulfilled & satiated with your lifetime, now. You do not need to wait, you get to now.

We are never promised tomorrow, today is a perfect day to run at your wildest dreams with Beauty + Bravery + Being.

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