This is not fluffy try-to-feel-good body positivity speak... We are smarter than that.

This is not fluffy try-to-feel-good body positivity speak... We are smarter than that.

How you see you is everything.
It ripples out into everything around you.

Your perception effects how you create, how you see, how you speak, how you share, how you connect, how you respond.

How do you see you?

Do you see your light, your soul, your spirit, your beauty?

Beyond the surface voices of everything we should be or what should be different?

Can you wipe that mud away & see the glittery gold underneath, the actual star dust you are made of?

Take a closer look.

You are a whole universe.
Just look deep inside your own eyes.
Each speck of you is glorious.

This is not fluffy try-to-feel-good body positivity speak... We are smarter than that.

We know that can be more damaging than helpful.
We know we cannot simply plaster words over wounds,
the wounds that feel so unbearable to look at.

What I am speaking of is connection to your truth, your Spirit.

Connect to who you truly be, not what is said of you.
That is said by others, or by you.

Science says we are all made of star dust.
The same as the universe.
The same as the magic shit that created this whole damn situation called life we have going on.

All of us are IT.

We are all made of the same stars.
It is the pieces that create our cells.
It is our energy field that interacts with all other energy fields without our brains even realising it.

The magic of creation itself.

THIS is who you be.

When you ask, but who am I really?

It doesn't matter how we label it, we are all of it.
We are life.
We are apart of it all.
We are the manifestation.
We are the stars.
We are unexplainable magic.

Your human body was not made to be what you think it should be.

It was not made to make you look like whatever version of beautiful is desired today.

Your Spirit is beauty.

Your Spirit is your beauty in motion.

Yes, it can only be physically seen through your human form,
but, your beauty is witnessed in a more concentrated & penetrating way through your energy. When your energy is interacting with our energy, we see it beyond your skin.

This is the secret to witnessing your own beauty.
You can only see it when you realise you are it, your Spirit.
That part of you that is why you made it into this life.

It's not a physical thing first.
It's a free wild Spirit thing first.

When you are connected to your Spirit & you allow it to move through you without censoring / hiding / masking your human form...

You will see it
You will see you

There is a difference between adorning your body to honour your Spirit. Listening to how it wants to play today & dressing accordingly in all the materials, jewels & paints...


Dressing to disguise.

When we disguise we hold onto a vision we think we want, that we do not have. We hold onto the sadness, frustration, disappointment, shame. Holding on makes it so much harder to do the things that support self care & vitality for a body that is thriving on life.

Your Spirit wants you to thrive on life.
To experience life force energy pumping through your veins every day.
To look in the mirror & know you are everything you will ever need to be.
Right here, right now.
To go play with your star dust magic self today IN life.
While feeling free to be your wild & weird & wonderful self.

That is the definition of true beauty.

x P x


How You See You Is Everything
You are The Art, The Artist & The Muse

Self portrait photography as the ultimate act of self love?

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And GREAT art serves us all beyond the surface mud of voices that tell us everything we should be,

or not be.

GREAT art is many things, for many ones.

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