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Travelling full time with family while working 💙🌴

What’s that famous Jana Kingsford quote again 🤔

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create”

I’m still working on this BIG TIME but so far have discovered that it takes a lot of adjusting & tweaking & twerking 😂 🍑

You gotta be open to new ways of doing things.

Firstly mindset. This is not a holiday for us. It’s an experience. A new lifestyle for this part of our lives. And for us to do this lifestyle change I need to be working.

Working when being with your family 24/7 can be challenging. Especially when you live in a 19ft long home.

When you travel to new places you wanna make the most of it & see all the things you can. So making sure you have days off from doing stuff all day is super important.

My natural nature is manic. I work in big bursts. So doing little bits here & there is not sustainable for me. It’s tiring.

For my work to energise me I need to have bigger chunks here & there too.

Communication with all members of your crew is one of the key things. When I tell them I want to work today, tomorrow, in an hour etc. so that I can be more present with them is UBER important.

I love my work. It doesn’t feel like a job to me, it’s actually a way for me to release, relax, receive & rejuvenate. I need it every day. It’s my life.

If I don’t get enough work done I feel frustrated, confused, annoyed & blocked.

I can’t enjoy myself when we are exploring new places together. I can’t fully be present & feel grateful for our experiences together either.

It’s a cycle – if I get to work I get to fill my cup, be more energised, be more engaged with what we are doing & create more amazing photos & videos & writing which I then use as inspiration & motivation to work some more. Having us travel full time is EPIC for fueling my inspiration as a creator so having a healthy creation cycle for me is important.

If I don’t then the cycle is frustration, head full of noise of all the should’s, so not fully enjoying my time & not creating amazing memories & not capturing them to not be inspired to work. We all have a crap time because I end up yelling & throwing tantrums… and then everyone else follows suit 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

Energy is sooooo important.

Get your shit together! If you don’t it filters through your family.

Take the most of every opportunity. When a moment pops up then take it!

For me if I’m super lucky enough to go to the bathroom or have a shower WITHOUT 2 mini’s in tow then I’m going to use the walk there or a few extra moments in there to do some mindset work or write something.

…but that’s only happened a handful of times so far 😂

When we’re travelling to a new place they know that car time is my work time. It’s not the easiest writing or typing in the car but I make the most of it anyways.

I get up most mornings at 4:44am

YUP I do.

I know I work better in the mornings rather than late at night. But sometimes I’ll stay up super late too. Depends on where we are, the weather, and what we have planned the next day.

The car is my office early in the mornings. If you’ve ever stayed in a camper you know it’s super hard to get out of bed quietly (especially when your mini’s have a habit of waking in the night & wanting to come sleep in your bed!) so also making sure I have everything ready to go to my car office in the morning as I commando roll out is a must.

Every day is different. Internet connection is not always awesome or even present. You may end up needing to camp without power when you really needed power. So having stuff charged & content ready to go when you get stuck in a spot especially when launching 😳 is handy too.

It’s a total balancing act of living the life you want & giving your family the best experiences you can while working as much as you would like.

There’s huge ups & huge downs. I’m not going to lie, everything is magnified.

The EPIC adventures you usually wouldn’t have along with the epic emotions. Both awesome & explosive.

When someone has a huge outburst it’s magnified when you’re travelling full time. But it shifts the big stuff for you. The stuff you wouldn’t usually feel doing the same routine every day.

You get to see everyone’s stuff, every quirk, every tick, every side of their character.

It’s truly beautiful. But it ain’t for the light hearted. It takes grit & gratitude to keep going through the shit days.

And the trust & knowing that the storm is what leads to the rainbow 🌈

We are expanding & evolving at a much faster rate than ever before & I am so bloody grateful we are doing this together.

Travelling with your family full time is EPIC it’s the most amazing & hardest thing we have ever done.

Every place has a different vibe, different energy, different challenge, different lesson & different experience.

Can’t wait to see what WA has for us!!

x Paula x


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